Ujunwa Favour Anike


About me

My motivation for seeking a permanent career in care giving is grounded in my passion to make a difference to the lives of other vulnerable people including the young, the elderly and those with disabilities. I am looking forward to obtaining a position as a live-in Caregiver or Nanny where I can exhibit my valuable practical experience to provide geriatric care to the aged, and early childhood care as a nanny so that my clients can enjoy and achieve healthy living standard

Skills and tools

Good with Kids
communication skills


September 2013 -July 2015
National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology
Federal Polytechnic, Nigeria

The course covers a variety of applications in the areas of First Aidand CPR, biological, biochemical & environmental sciences.

Work Experience

March 2018 -August 2020
Chief Mrs. Omowunmi

Worked as a live-in Caregiver for two years, providing geriatric care to Chief Mrs. Omowunmi’s aged mother who required special needs, having been diagnosed of Alzheimer’s disease. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of her daily life, routine activities, including assisting with bathing, dressing, and feeding with emotional support during convalescence. Carried out shopping, cleaning, laundry, and general home care. I also walked her dog to the park regularly

January 2016 -February 2018
Live-in Nanny
Mr. & Mrs. Veronica Aneke

Full time nanny care to two daughters aged 5 and 7 years old, respectively.  My care duties include bathing, dressing,and feeding the children, and getting them ready for school. Assisted the children with after-schoolcare and homework. Performed housekeeping,cooking, and other household chores such as cleaning, laundry and running oferrands.

Awards and Certificates :

March 2020
Certificate in Gerontology
Allegra Learning Solutions Carlsbad, CA 92008 U.S.A.3 months

Acquired skills required to provide effective and professional geriatric care to the elderly with disabilities. Transcript available upon request.

February 2020 -April 2020
Diploma in Caregiving
Alison Training Institute Galway, Ireland3 months

Certified caregiver with grounded and effective care giving skills to provide adult care giving and early childhood nanny tasks. Transcript available upon request