International Nanny Recruitment & Placement Agency

IB International Employment Agency specializing in the recruitment and placement of professional Nannies, Mannies, Bilingual Nannies, Governesses, Nanny/Housekeepers, Maternity Nurses and Tutors for luxury households.

How do we recruit nanny ?

​Families who use our services look for people already trained, qualified, experienced, and with excellent references, which is why we are very demanding in terms of our recruitment process and candidates’ references.

First of all, it is important for our consultants to have a clear understanding of the family’s needs and environment. Such information is normally included in the detailed description of the job and desired profile.

Based on this initial assessment, we will advise the family to employ either a monolingual, bilingual or trilingual nanny, a travelling governess, a tutor specializing in the education of young children, or a maternity nurse who will help with a new-born child.

We customise our recruitment every day and introduce only those candidates who perfectly meet the expectations of each family. Our strength derives from our methods of recruitment and interviewing process during which we pay particular attention to getting to know our candidates. Each candidate is thoroughly interviewed by one of our consultants.

We create a profile folder which includes copies of all diplomas, certificates and professional references from previous employers of the candidate. With its broad experience in recruitment and placement, IB International Employment Agency Nannies conducts full background check’s and requires from candidates a folder consisting of criminal record certificates and documents which prove candidate’s professional skills in the childcare industry.

All candidates must have a minimum of three years of experience in childcare if they would like to apply and have their profile pre-screened by the agency’s consultants.